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Get verified Stripe account for your dropshipping store.

Whether you’re drop-shipping on Shopify, or selling your products through WooCommerce, Etsy, or else… and you want to start accepting payments or donations on your website, or simply to charge your clients without risk of failed transactions or frozen funds as you can get with PayPal – You came to the right place.

No company needed. No contact obligations. Full setup support.


For the first time, you are not obligated to pay $1000+ on buying out Stripe accounts. Why spending thousands of dollars, when you can rent it for less than $50 per month? Apart from the 20+ times cheaper price, you get great customer support, and a whole bunch of special bonuses, discounts and offers from our E-commerce partners who we partnered with to help you boost conversions and get more sales on your online store.

Ecomm Processor is a simple solution for everyone who DOES NOT HAVE A COMPANY or THEIR COUNTRY IS NOT SUPPORTED, or simply for anyone who WANTS TO SAVE TIME & MONEY.



Authorized accounts

100% verified US, CA, UK and NZ accounts ready for use. Once you rent it, you are getting “Administrator” status, so nobody can change your Stripe setup as long as you are with us.

Customer care & support

No robots, message bots or stuff like that. We have a great support team for all your questions and potential needs.

Recovery accounts

We are the only ones in the market including extra recovery accounts in our plans.Recovery account means that if ANYTHING happens to your account, we are giving you a recovery account so that you can continue operating with your shop, totally free of charge. We told you. We got your back.

Simple subscription model

Why pay $1000+ upfront on one Stripe account when you can pay small monthly fees with no strings attached and invest the rest of the budget into ads, traffic and your awesome business!

Fast delivery & live response

After you sign up for one of our plans, your new Stripe account will be delivered to the email you used to sign up with, as well as all the information and guides you need. Also, someone from our support team will be there to help you with everything.

Special bonuses, discounts & lifetime offers from our partners

if you are an E-commerce, we collaborate with 50+ software companies who are willing to give you a sweet discount, lifetime deal, or special price. Since we know how much tools you use, we could save you hundreds of $$$ with our sweet deals.


I spent over a month to try setting up simple payment processor that would enable me to charge credit cards. Stripe isn't available in my country, but I saw a post about EcommProccessor in our local Dropshipping Balkan group... Since I was in a hurry I risked to be one of the first ones who will test it. After 2 weeks, I just have to say that I got all my money on Payoneer and everything is working really well. The support is great, and I bought an annual deal. 
Dusan Djeric
Owner @mytrendypod.com
I saw a community admin of our Facebook group talking about renting a Stripe account. I reached out to him and the gave me the EcommProcessor link. I was sceptical about this, since there is a lot of shady stuff on the Internet, but decided to start with 49USD plan, since it is not much even if it turns out to be another scam. I got my Stripe in less than 24h and Shawn from support even helped me integrate and test it on my Shopify store. It works. I had my first sale after a few days. The best feeling ever.
Jovan Dabic
Owner @jewinston.com
I had a lot of struggles as a was trying to get payment processor for the dropshipping store I was building. I got denied by 2Checkout multiple times and I didn't like what Blue Snap was offering. Because Stripe isn't available in my country, I thought it's all over... Until I found out about Ecomm Processor from the e-commerce group I am in and successfully managed to get Stripe account and set it up as payment processor on my Shopify store in just under two days!
Stefan Lazic
Owner @petkrewe.com
After lots of problems with PayPal I decided to go with Ecomm Processor and I absolutely can't believe I got an account within 2 days and now I'm accepting payments without any problems.
Claire Davis
Graphic Designer
I found out about Ecomm Processor in a facebook group post. At first, I thought that it is too good to be true, but now, one month later, I'm sucessfully accepting payments on my Shopify store!
Marko Ilic
Owner @theredheistgang.com
Thank you for the awesome work & help you provided for setting things up. Everything is up and running and It is time for the sales to start coming 🙂
Peter Taylor
Owner @vektorbands.com


YEARLY (up to 50% off)


$49 / month
  • 1 - Sub Account
  • 1 - Recovery Account
  • Technical & Operational Support
  • Onboarding Setup
  • New Accounts
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Access to EP Partners Community Club


$129 / month
  • 6 - Sub Accounts
  • Unlimited - Recovery Accounts
  • 24/7 Technical & Operational Support
  • Onboarding Setup
  • New Account for 20$ / month
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Access to EP Partners Community Club


$588 $300 / year
  • 1 - Sub Account
  • 1 - Recovery Account
  • Technical & Operational Support
  • Onboarding Setup
  • New Accounts
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Access to EP Partners Community Club


$1548 $750 / year
  • 6 - Sub Accounts
  • Unlimited - Recovery Accounts
  • 24/7 Technical & Operational Support
  • Onboarding Setup
  • New Account for 20$ / month
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Access to EP Partners Community Club


You can choose from 3 different plans:
1. Starter
2. Dropshipper
3. Guru

The regular subscription is monthly, which means we will charge you a fixed amount each 30 days.

If you decide to pay for annual deal and save around 50%, you will be charged once.

After you submit the form and make a payment, you will get a fully functional Stripe account that you can connect to you Shopify store, WooCommerce or your website, and start processing payments. You will have all regular features needed for accepting payments and transferring it to your bank account.

No, we do not charge any additional fees. Other then Stripes regular transactional fees, that you can check out HERE, we have no hidden fees or costs, other then our subscription plan.

If your account gets banned due to your violation of TOS (selling illegal products or banned products like corona virus masks, brand labeled items or FDA banned items) you will have 1 recovery account on Standard, 3 recovery accounts on Dropshippper and 10 recovery accounts on GuRu plan, that you will be able to use without any additional charge. If for any reason your account gets banned for any other reason that is not your responsibility, we will provide you with new account free of charge. 

Recovery account is your recovery account that you can activate if anything happens with your main account. Furthermore, it means that if you get banned due to TOS violation, you will automatically get a new account free of charge.
Depending on plan you are on, you will have: 

1. One recovery account on Standard Plan
2. Three recovery accounts on Dropshipping Plan
3. Ten recovery accounts on GuRu plan

First of all, we have no interests in harming your user experience in any way. We have a dedicated support personnel who will answer all your questions and possible issues.
Also, with your setup instructions, we highly recommend that the first thing you need to do when entering your account is setting up your bank account and switching the payout onto manual. That is the way to make sure that you are the only one handling your funds in the way and dynamics that fits your needs.

Currently, these are the MAIN currencies that you can receive funds:

AUD - Australian Dollar

BRL - Brazilian Real

CAD - Canadian Dollar

CHF - Swiss Franc

CZK - Cech Koruna

DKK - Danish Krone

EUR - Euro

GBP - British Pound

HKD - Hong Kong Dollar

INR - Indian Rupee

JPY - Japanese Yen

MXN - Mexican peso

MYR - Malaysian Ringgit

NOK - Norwegian Krone 

NZD - New Zealand Dollar

PLN - Polish Zloty 

RON - Romanian Leu

SEK - Swedish Krona

SGD - Singapore Dollar

USD - US Dollar

Also, have in mind, when setting up a bank in your new Stripe account, depending on the currency, you will be asked to provide your bank account number, routing number or IBAN.

For more details you can check Stripe Supported Currencies or write to our support chat.

No, Stripe doesn’t integrate with PayPal — they currently support credit and debit card payments.

Yes you can.
You should be able to receive payments from Stripe into your Payoneer Account by linking your Global Payment Service details to your Stripe Account. The Global Payment Service details can be found under the “Receive” tab on the main menu of your Payoneer Account.

You are free to cancel your subscription anytime you feel like doing it (although we will be sad to see you go). Just write to our live chat support or on support@ecommprocessor.com with the subject line “Cancelation - I want to end my subscription” and we will cancel your subscription, while keeping in mind that we do that once your payment from Stripe to bank account is done.

We are trying to provide a top notch support for all our members on 24/7 support, so pausing the account is taking a slot for someone who would use the account to process money from their store.

 If you have a specific request, you can write it in live chat or on support@ecomprocessor.com, where we will manually review it and get back to you ASAP. 

 Yes, there is. Write to our affiliate manager on shawn@ecommprocessor.com and receive up to 30% on recurring payments on all plans that you bring to us.

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